ACR92833 ACR Universal Remote ControlZoom

ACR92833 ACR Universal Remote Control

Item# ACR92833
Consists of universal master control unit and a Point Pad; installed via single coaxial cable
URC-102 provides optimum voltage to ensure brightest performance and long lamp life, regardless of boat system voltage fluctuations
URC-102 XRCiZ feature rotates and moves light assembly
every 30 days from activation to keep all bearing surfaces free of corrosion and all electrical contacts functional (can be disabled)
On-Off and light rotation speed control
Point Pad allows finger tip control; surface/flush mount options included
Has the capacity to perform up to six different duties; ideal for searchlights, winches and other electrical devices
Easily retrofitted to most servo-motor drives
Compatible with 12 o44r 24VDC operation
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