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Aqualuma Series 1 Underwater LED Light

Small boats can be just as bright as their larger counterparts with Aqualuma?s 1 Series, a powerful range of bright lights for light craft.

Designed for tenders, ribs and pleasure boats, the 1 Series is built from the same high impact polymer material that Aqualuma has become famous for. The 1 Series is a very robust and affordable light, with easy installation and a current draw of less than .3 of an amp.

The 1 Series has a replaceable and serviceable internal driver that only requires a 12 volt dc power source. Available in Ultra Blue, Ultra Green and Brilliant White, this product is recommended for boats up to 26 feet.

Aqualuma 1 Series Specifications
Internally driven
Wide angle elliptical beam 12 x 50
Meets World EMI standard
No Lens seal to leak
Very low DC power consumption
Reverse polarity protected
Draws less than 0.3 of an amp per light @ 12 volts
Very low heat emission
Can be operated out of the water
Long life, high output LED light engine
High tech patented polymer housing
No bonding to anodes required (Housing cannot corrode)
Light engine will accept 12or 24 volt DC power source
Serviceable from inside the boat
Each light comes with 3.7m (11ft) of tinned cable
Ignition Protected
3 year Warranty Easy and low cost 2 wire installation

Ultra Blue
Color temperature 470nm (the color that travels further in salt water than any other). Lux output 1950

Brilliant White
Color temperature 9000 to 10000 degrees Kelvin (the colder the white the further it travels in water). Lux output 1600
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