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Electramate 412-HS Electric Fishing Reel

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The 412-HS is designed to power the 113H 4/0 Penn Special Senator Reel and is ideally suited for gulf or ocean fishermen who want a lot of power to land large fish in a small, compact, and lightweight unit. It is the choice of professional captains who do not need the line capacity and power of larger ELEC-TRA-MATE models. A 70 year old lady set the Alaska state record for Halibut at 466 lbs. with this model and a Portable Power Pack at Cook Inlet, Alaska!

Specifications: 12 Volt DC and comes with 10 ft. power cord, 15 amp twist-lock molded-on marine plug, and Push Button Switch.

10 ft. power cord with solid copper alligator clips
10 ft .power cord with battery ring terminals

3-Position Toggle Switch or Push button
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