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Electramate 435-XP Electric Fishing Reel

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Fits Penn 340 & 345 Gti.

The 435-XP powers the 340-(4/0) and 345-(5/0) super Level Wind Reels from Penn. The 435-XP and 345 GTi combination now offer the angler a lightweight 5/0 size electric fishing reel combination with level wind for heavy-duty line applications such as wreck fishing for snapper, grouper, or drifting for Alaskan Halibut. Additionally, the level wind feature and optional toggle switch make this model the perfect setup for "Kite" fishing for sailfish and other Pelagic Species.

Specifications: 12 Volt DC, 10 ft. power cord, 15 amp twist-lock molded-on marine plug, and Push Button Switch.

Please Choose:
10 ft. power cord with solid copper alligator clips
10 ft .power cord with battery ring terminals

3-Position Toggle Switch or Push Button
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