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Electramate 440-XP Electric Fishing Reel

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The 440-XP with Penn 113H 4/0 Special Senator Reel is in answer to the request by the Professional Captains in the Gulf who fish for large grouper and snapper and want a lightweight, powerful ELEC-TRA-MATE that can bring in those large fish quickly. This model is also ideal for Captains who fish for Cod and other species that require increased power and speed. For increased line capacity while maintaining a lightweight and perfect balance, the 440-XP also fits the Penn Special Senator 113HL 4/0 and 113HLW 4/0 Reels.

Specifications: 12 Volt DC, 10 ft. power cord, 15 amp twist-lock molded-on marine plug, and Push Button Switch.

10 ft. power cord with solid copper alligator clips
10 ft .power cord with battery ring terminals

3-Position Toggle Switch or Push Button"
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