Diamond Generation 3 X9 - 9 Carrier Solid Core Braid 3000Yds 10-20LbsZoom

Diamond Generation 3 X9 - 9 Carrier Solid Core Braid 3000Yds 10-20Lbs

Item# MG39X3000
Introducing the next leap in High Performance Fishing Line. Diamond Fishing Products shifts hollow-core braid manufacturing into high gear – Diamond Braid Generation 3. Hollow-core Braid is used in some of the most demanding fisheries in salt water. Higher-grade materials strengthened with state-of-the-art braiding techniques give Diamond Fishing Products’ Generation 3 Braid a unique combination of fishing characteristics:

Easiest splicing braided fishing line in existence Fine diameters attuned to maximum reel capacities Stays round under tension and while splicing Color Locked for permanent retention

Built as a 16 Carrier Dynema Braid for quick and easy splicing, Diamond Generation 3 Braid is a mate’s dream line. Gen 3 makes super strong braid to mono splices, spliced loops or Chinese finger trap splices and has outstanding knot strength.

New color technology ensures your line maintains its color longer than the competition and spools maintain uniform color. Available in Blue, and dark green
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