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OceanLED XFM HD Colours LED Light

The new Colours range from OceanLED is the first high-powered color change underwater light for boats. Colours XFM (Xchangeable Flush Mount) HD light output is equivalent to 150w HID/Metal Halide underwater lights using the very latest 4-channel RGBW (Red/Green/Blue/White) high definition LEDs. Controllable through either a dedicated DMX control panel, or a boats existing control system, Colours makes it possible to get the best effects regardless of water conditions with up to 16-million different colors. With onboard wifi, Colours can also be controlled via mobile devices such as an iPhone or iPad.

Colours strobe feature can be used to attract fish, or to transform your boat into the ultimate party on the water.

Colours XFM HD model has an exceptionally low profile giving it virtually unlimited hull mounting options with a very simple installation.

Ideally suited for boats up to 65' (20m) or above using 2-6 lights per side with spacing of 3-5' (1-1.5m). A very quick-to-fit light using Deutsch plug-and-play quick connect electrical installation system.

Suitable for Fiberglass, GRP, and wooden hulls, as well as aluminium/steel hulls us- ing the Delrin Isolating Sleeve.

Xchangeable from Inside the Hull
For boats up to 65' (20m) or above
4" (100mm) Hole
Equal to 150w HID/Metal Halide
40,000+ Hour Life
Aluminium Bronze AB2
Tritonium Lens Resists Sea Growth
110vAC: 1.1A
240vAC: 0.5A

*REQUIRED PARTS FOR COLOURS models: One (1) Ethernet Colours Connection Cable (001-500594) for each driver-to-driver connection, and (1) Colours Terminator Kit (001-500467) per set-up is required when installing Colours models, along with one (1) DMX Touch Panel Controller(001-500596 or 001-500598). So for example, when installing four (4) Colours lights and drivers you will need three (3) Ethernet Colours Connection Cables( 001-500594) connecting the drivers, and one (1) Colours Terminator Kit (001-467) on the last driver, as well as (1) DMX Touch Panel (001-500596).
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