Smith Adjustable Clamp-On Rod Holder - 304L StainlessZoom

Smith Adjustable Clamp-On Rod Holder - 304L Stainless

Item# 55105
Strongest clamp in its class.

Never before has a moderately priced adjustable clamp-on combined such a strong clamp with innovative smooth styling. Solid cap protects your rails from dents often caused by inferior adjustable rod holders.

Our clamp fits any rail between 3/4" OD to 1-1/16" OD.
Made from 304 stainless steel tube lined with a UV resistant black PVC and fitted with a chrome zinc alloy adjustable clamp.
Angle from the rail adjusts in 15 degree increments.
9" tall tube with 1-5/8" ID
Includes two pair of 304 stainless mounting screws and the Allen key needed to make the angle adjustment and to tighten the clamp in place.
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