Alutecnos AL03500A 30/50Lb Reel

Alutecnos AL03500A 30/50Lb Reel

Item# AL03500A

Product Description

Infinite “antireverse” system, frontal cam and lock release button for placing the automatically rearming gear lever into “free” or “full” mode, five bearings and gears made from tempered stainless steel (guarantee further resistance from corrosion). System for anchoring the reel to the rod robust and reliable and drag washer made from the latest carbon composite (appropriately protected to ensure smooth and consistent use during the most intense battles, and the occurrence of stick-slip is virtually eliminated).

The special assembly technique used permits all screws, made exclusively from stainless steel Aisi 316, to be loosened even after long periods in harsh marine environments.


Max Drag Setting:
27 LBS

54.3 OZ/1540 g

Line Capacity:
820 Yds/750m 30 LBS Monofilamentų 0,57 mm
525 Yds/480m 50 LBS Monofilament ų 0,68 mm

Special order colors available for a $39 upcharge. Contact us at sales@miamifishingsupply for more info or if you'd like to place an order.

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