Aqua-Vu Multi-Vu PRO GEN2 - HD 1080P Camera System

Aqua-Vu Multi-Vu PRO GEN2 - HD 1080P Camera System

Item# 200-5170

Product Description

Multi-Vu Pro Gen2 - HD 1080P Camera System

Add real-time "live" viewing to any TV or HDMI-in-compatible sonar using an Aqua-VU Multi-Vu Pro Gen2 Underwater viewing system. The Aqua-Vu Multi-Vu Pro underwater camera system allows you to display an Aqua-Vu underwater camera on any screen, sonar, or TV that accepts HDMI/RCA video input.

Using an Aqua-Vu Multi-Vu Pro will give you a "live" look underwater in real-time. See what is happening, understand your electronics, and have more fun on the water!

-Modular XD camera housing with quick attachment Accessory system
-1080p color high-definition XD camera
-Opti-RX lab-quality lens for ultimate clarity
-75 feet of cable (depth markings on cable)
-Super Low Light Vu™ technology
-High-intensity, adjustable IR lighting
-HDMI & RCA video output (HDMI Cable Included)
-IP67 Waterproof
-12v/110V Power

Important FAQs

Is a TV or Sonar LCD included?
No, these items are pictured for reference only. A compatible TV or Sonar System is required for viewing and is sold separately.

How do I power the Multi-Vu Pro?
Included is a 110V power cable designed to connect the MV Pro directly to any 110V power system. Also included is a 12V Auxiliary adaptor for additional power options.

Which cables are included?
Cables included in the box: 110V power cable, a 12V auxiliary power adaptor, and a waterproof HDMI Cable.

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