Bennett 2412ATP 24 X 12 Hydraulic Trim Tabs w/ATP

Bennett 2412ATP 24 X 12 Hydraulic Trim Tabs w/ATP

Item# 2412ATP

Product Description

2412ATP 24 x 12 Hydraulic Trim Tabs with ATP

Hydraulic trim tabs are known for power, precision and durability. Get the most from your boat, no matter what the load, speed or sea conditions. Using the helm control, you can adjust the tabs individually or in unison to create the perfect cruising attitude. Increase speed and fuel economy, smooth a rough ride and get on plane faster.

Kits Include:
-(2) Trim plane assemblies
-(2-4) Hydraulic actuators
-(1) Hydraulic Power Unit
-Hydraulic tubing and hardware
-Optional helm control

-Get on plane fast and stay on plane at intermediate speeds
-Correct listing and uneven loads
-Improve visibility and safety
-Reduce pounding and eliminate porpoising
-Low maintenance, long-term value and ease of service
-Exclusive transom mount interlocking tab design
-Sport batwing option (M80/M120) provides 30% more lift
-Bottom and piano hinge mounts are available for custom order

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