Bennett M120 Trim Tabs with EIC5000 Electronic Indicator

Bennett M120 Trim Tabs with EIC5000 Electronic Indicator

Item# M120

Product Description

M120EIC: 10-inch x 12-inch for 20-foot to 23-foot boat

Bennett's M80 and M120 Sport Tabs are ideal for trailered boats in the 17-foot to 23-foot range. Their unique Batwing design provides 30 percent more lift than conventional trim tabs and their space-saving design ensures easy installation on virtually any transom. Trim tab kits include two stainless steel trim tabs, two actuators, a hydraulic power unit, all necessary wiring, tubing, hardware and installation video.

Includes EIC5000 listed below

Electronic Indicator Control

Description: Three features combined into one sophisticated control the popular Bennett rocker switch control, trim tab indicator and the Auto Tab Retractor. Water resistant, highly accurate and features variable intensity LEDs for night or day. Features a relay module mounted near the transom, which simplifies installation by reducing the number of wires to run to the helm.

Standard kit includes:

EIC Display (EIC001)
EIC Relay Module (EIC101)
Sensor with 10? SC Red and Connector (EIC901P)
Sensor with 10? SC Green and Connector (EIC901S)
EIC Cable (EIC201)
EIC Pigtail Pack (EIC401)
EIC Hardware Pack (EIC501)

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