Black Bart Lure Bags

Black Bart Lure Bags

Item# BBLB-Small

Product Description

Over the years I have used many things to store and organize my lures from cardboard boxes to large Tupperware tubs and even the newer style rollup type lure bags. Boxes got wet, Tupperware was too bulky, both hard to organize my lures. The lure bags were great I could see my choices the only problem was most of the compartments were too small to accommodate the lures not to mention, if I had them pre-rigged with leaders and hooksets. My new colored rollup lure bags are oversized to handle lure, leader and hook without jamming them in and our embroidered Black Bart logo letís you know you have your ďAĒ team of lures in the bag without guessing, you can even organize your lures based on bag color! Quality construction of breathable self draining mesh and heavy gauge plastic these are the best way to store and organize your lures. Aloha and Great Fishing! Capt Bart Miller

Black Bart Embroidered lure bags made in the USA from the finest of materials. Black fabric with colored mesh back with clear view inside pockets and heavy duty carrying handle. Extra large pockets for rigging and lure storage. Self draining with 6 over sized pockets.

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