Black Bart Xtreme Breakfast

Black Bart Xtreme Breakfast

Item# BH2101S9

Product Description

World class teaser: Extreme Breakfast is essentially a Teaser like no other, not a fender bumper, not a flashing Dan, not a Voodoo Dancer, E.B. is the closest thing to a swimming Tuna that has ever been engineered for the offshore fishermen, you think that you have seen everything, well you haven't, get ready to fish E.B and you will have then seen pretty much everything, this monster teaser is too exciting to describe. This teaser is also too hot to let your neighbor get one before you. You have never won a tournament then let E.B. help you get there. Make sure your teaser connections are solid, no weak links, get ready, for E.B. this is the king of teasers.

Hard Head
Weight Skirted: 4.3 lbs / 1,950 grams
Head Length: 6.3" / 160mm
Head Diameter: 4" / 102mm
Skirted Length: 26" / 610mm
Leader: 600 - 900 lbs
Replacement Skirt Size: S9

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