Copper Mini Double Sleeves 1,000 Bulk Pack

Copper Mini Double Sleeves 1,000 Bulk Pack

Item# CMDS1000-10mm

Product Description

Copper Mini Double sleeves are designed for use with monofilament between 80 and 400 lb. test. Copper mini sleeves can be used on cable, but because of the thin wall on the copper mini sleeves, the copper double sleeves listed below are better suited for multi-strand cable. The 1.0mm, 1.3mm, and 1.6mm allow for a single swage, while the 1.9mm and 2.2mm allow for two swages with the a larger crimping tool.

Size ID - Fits Cable - Fits(lb.Test)
1.0mm - 90 lb. - uncoated 50-80 lb.
1.3mm - 175 lb.- 60-100 lb.
1.6mm - 3/64" - 125-150 lb.
1.9mm - 1/16" - 200-250 lb.
2.2mm - 5/64" - 300-450 lb.

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