Davis Air Dryer 1000

Davis Air Dryer 1000

Item# 1458

Product Description

Air-Dryer™ Mildew Fighter
Say Goodbye to Mold, Mildew and Moisture

1458 Air-Dryer 1000. Handles up to 1000 cubic feet of living space. Draws only 1.1 amps,130 watts. Circular unit measures 13.5" in diameter (34 cm) and 4.25" high (11 cm). EU model handles up to 28 cubic meters of living space.

Air-Dryerª is an inexpensive and effective way to fight moisture problems, cold drafts, and corrosion. Designed to operate anywhere, 24 hours a day. Place Air-Dryer on the floor in any damp, enclosed space and plug into a 110/120 volt outlet. The damp air is heated to the point moisture is held in suspension (above dew point), then released through the top vents of the device. As warmed air rises, cooler damp air is drawn in, where it too is heated. Air-Dryr costs no more to operate than the burning of a light bulb. A thermal cutoff turns the unit off should air flow be impeded.

Key Features of all Air-Dryer Units:
Attractive, neutral beige housing made of polycarbonate for strength and durability
Slim and stable
Can be placed out of the way in confined spaces
Handle a high volume of air, designed to be left on 24 hours a day.
Safe to the touch, low operating cost
Trouble free
no switch, fan, or thermostat; uses natural convection to circulate the air
Silent operation
Safe for marine use, no components which cause sparking
UL listed

Use at Home or Office
Basements, Closets, Under Desks, Storage Units, Tack Rooms, Pump Rooms, Gun Cabinets, Pianos, Use in RVs, Motor Homes, Trailers Cars Airplanes.

Use in Boats, Cabins, Bilges, Engine Rooms, V-Berths.

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