Daiwa Seapower 1200 Power Assist Electric Reel

Daiwa Seapower 1200 Power Assist Electric Reel

Item# SP1200

Product Description

Daiwa Seapower 1200 Power Assist Electric Reel - the long-awaited successor to the acclaimed TANACOM BULL, designed to conquer the depths of the sea. Engineered with the latest advancements in fishing technology, the SeaPower 1200 is set to revolutionize deep-drop angling. Equipped with the renowned MEGATORQUE motor, the same powerhouse featured in the popular SEABORG reels, this reel unleashes approximately 1.3 times the power of conventional designs, delivering exceptional torque and performance.

The MEGATORQUE motor is a testament to Daiwa's dedication to excellence, providing smooth start-up and unparalleled durability. Custom-designed to prioritize torque, this brushed motor design ensures instantaneous power output, precisely what you need to effortlessly reel in fish from the depths. With SeaPower 1200's enhanced power and speed, you can explore new depths off the Australian coastline, expanding your angling possibilities like never before.

Built with a redesigned frame inspired by the TANACOM series, the SeaPower 1200 places the motor inside the spool for a more direct drive system. This innovative configuration, combined with a redesigned planetary gearset featuring thicker and stronger gears, maximizes power transmission efficiency, effectively harnessing and transferring the immense power to the spool. Prepare to experience unparalleled efficiency and control as you tackle deep-water challenges.

Crafted with an aluminum body, the SeaPower 1200 strikes the perfect balance between strength and weightlessness. This lightweight yet incredibly durable construction ensures optimal performance without compromising on quality or succumbing to corrosion issues. Explore the depths with confidence, knowing your reel can withstand the rigors of intense angling.

Never again will you have to guess how much line you've let out. The SeaPower 1200 features a convenient line counter, providing you with precise information about the amount of line deployed. Dropping your bait or lure to the desired depth has never been easier, allowing you to maximize your chances of success.

Take control of your angling experience with the power lever of the SeaPower 1200. With a simple flick of a switch, you can smoothly transition from stop to start to full power, just like stepping on the gas pedal to accelerate. This intuitive lever offers enhanced control and responsiveness, allowing you to adapt to changing conditions and effortlessly reel in your prized catches.

The Daiwa SeaPower 1200 is the ultimate companion for deep-drop anglers, combining power, durability, and precision. Explore the depths with confidence, armed with the latest technology and upgrades from the renowned TANACOM series. Unleash the power within and dominate the deep with the SeaPower 1200 Electric Reel.

SeaPower 1200 Features:
108 lb. Hoisting Power
460ft./min Retrieve Speed
Easy Operation DOT LCD Display
Aluminum Body
Jog Power Lever
Line Counter
High Durability and Power
Aluminum Round Knob

Product Specifications
Barcode 043178169377
Bearings 5BB
Color Purple
Reel Weight 74.5 oz.
Max Drag at Full 66 lb.
Max Hoisting Power 108 lb.
Line Capacity - Braid 1100/80, 850/100 (yd/lb)
Line Counter Yes
Handle Yes
Display Yes
Gear Ratio 2.1:1 Retrieve Right-Hand
Retrieve Speed 460 ft/min

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