Edson Powerknob Sportsman - Black

Edson Powerknob Sportsman - Black

Item# 967-18BL

Product Description

PowerKnob Sportsman - Black

The Ultimate In Steering Control!

The rugged and economical Sportsman Series PowerKnob features the same ball-bearing design and ergonomic shape as the ProSeries. The Sportsman Series Knob is built of black polymer and marine-grade stainless with precision milled bearing races.

-Improves handling and performance
-Maneuver with precision and confidence
-Twin races of fast action ball bearings
-All-weather construction
-Strap or bolt onto virtually any steering wheel
-Smooth ball bearings
-Easy 5 minute install

Ideal For:
-Golf Carts
-Maintenance Vehicles
-Lawn Mowers

-1 - Sportsman Series PowerKnob
-2 - Wheel Rim Straps
-1 - 1/4" Allen Wrench
-1 - 2" Cap Screw for Thru-Bolting

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