Electramate 6000-D Penn Downrigger Drive

Electramate 6000-D Penn Downrigger Drive

Item# 6000-D
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Product Description

Fits Penn Manual Fathom-Master Model 600 & 625.

Specifications: 12 Volt DC, 6 ft Power Cord, 30 Amp Hubbell Twist-Lock Marine Plug and 3-position Toggle Switch.

The 6000-D is the world's first and only patented drive, which converts a manual downrigger to electric. The 6000-D easily converts the popular Penn Fathom-Master 600 and 625 Manual Downriggers to electric in minutes!

The 6000-D generates more power and speed than any electric downrigger available today. Period. The 6000-D easily lifts a 10 lb. Downrigger ball at 314 feet per minute to get the ball out of the water fast so that your lines don't become tangled while fighting a fish. Power? The 6000-D generates over 50 lbs. of pull on the cable with plenty of reserve power making the Elec-Tra-Mate/Fathom-Master the perfect combination for pulling commercial planers or Z-Wings.

Please Choose:
6 ft power cord with solid copper alligator clips
6 ft power cord with battery ring terminals

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