Flexx-Wrap Finger Protector

Flexx-Wrap Finger Protector

$2.19, 6 for $12.00

Product Description

Many anglers use Flexx-Rap for fishing applications to protect fingers and joints against monofilament cuts, spectra line cuts and friction burns, while also improving grip on equipment and tools when needed. The roll easily fits in your pocket or fly vest.

While providing excellent protection, this heavy-duty, waterproof wrap provides comfort, flexibility and dexterity to your hands and fingers when completing repetitive work. Flexx-Rapís breathable material sticks only to itself, without adhesives, and leaves no gummy residue upon removing. Its ingenious design is a cross between a miniature elastic bandage and a stretchy, fabric-like tape with many additional benefits.

Flexx-Rap is easily removed from the roll, and is best wrapped around a finger or knuckle. This high-quality, waterproof tape has the comfortable feel of a second skin and provides the necessary protection during a variety of tasks. Blue

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