Glow in the Dark Wahoo Tracer Lures

Glow in the Dark Wahoo Tracer Lures

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Product Description

Tracer Bullets were designed and developed with northeast canyon fishermen in mind. As night time trolling for bigeye tuna & wahoo has gained popularity and become very productive, we decided to developed a glow lure that offers a bright long lasting glow. Glow lures work best when pulled under dark condition where the glow of the lure simulates the same profile in the water as baitfish feeding under a full moon or in a commercial boats working lights. Our glow lures utilize color combinations that make them just as productive in the daytime, as they are when trolled at night.

Length: 10.5-11.5"
Weight: 4oz, 8oz
Premium Lure Skirts Made In The USA
Heavy Duty Chafe Tube
Pearl White UV Glow Head Color

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