HoseCoil Rubber Tip Nozzle w/Comfort Grip

HoseCoil Rubber Tip Nozzle w/Comfort Grip

Item# WN510

Product Description

Rubber Tip Nozzle with Comfort Grip

Tough & Rugged Deluxe Hose Nozzle with Comfort Grip and Impact Resistant Rubber Tip.

-TOUGH & RUGGED: Well constructed from premium ABS material with sturdy components throughout.
-ERGONOMIC SOFT RUBBER COMFORT GRIP: The soft rubber handle makes this nozzle very comfortable in your hand so you can water for long periods of time.
-FLOW CONTROL LEVER: Easy Lever control of the water pressure means that you can adjust the pressure for different uses. Choose from a soft, delicate shower all the way to a high-velocity jet.
-IMPACT RESISTANT RUBBER TIP: Wont damage delicate surfaces when dropped. Wont damage nozzle when dropped.
-FITS ALL STANDARD GARDEN HOSES: This nozzle features 3/4 connectors. Perfect for watering Your Garden, Lawn, and Flower Beds. Its also Great for washing your Car, Boat or RV.
-100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Every HoseCoil product enjoys a 2 year warranty.

Weight: 8oz.
Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 2"

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