Jabsco Self Priming Sealed Macerator Pump 24V

Jabsco Self Priming Sealed Macerator Pump 24V

Item# 18590-2094

Product Description

Run-Dry Macerator Waste Pump


The Jabsco 18590 series DC macerator pump unit is the ideal solution for emptying marine holding tanks when not in a discharge restricted area. Self priming to 5ft this pump will empty a typical 30 gallon (115 Liter) holding tank in less than 3 minutes. Duty cycle of the pump is 15 minutes continuous which means a 180 gallon (680 liter) can be emptied in a single operation

It is recommended that holding tanks be flushed with several gallons of water after each pump out. This will reduce the possibility of a continued build up of sediment in the tank which could cause a potential blockage.


The Jabsco Macerator Pump is the ideal pump for the emptying of Fish box and livewell receptacles. Very often the livewell tank will be above the waterline of the boat, when this is the case gravity can be used to empty the livewell tank. If not installed in this format then it is beneficial to use the Jabsco macerator pump for evacuation due to its self-priming capabilities and also it's grinding properties.

Fish boxes are typically mounted into the floor of the vessel and are very often below the waterline or only partially above the waterline. Again the Jabsco Macerator pump has the characteristics that lend themselves to this application. The bait residue particles of ice, fish scales and anything else that could potentially be found in the Fish-Box will be easily passed buy the Jabsco Macerator Pump, and the self priming capabilities are perfect for fish box installations common to many of today's sports fishing boats.

Triple sealed motor to prevent both internal and external motor corrosion New Four-bladed chopper reduces clogging Detects the absence of fluid then shuts-off pump before impeller is damaged Sensor provides adequate run-dry period to allow initial priming of the pump Interrupting power supply to the macerator resets the Run-Dry Device Flow rate to 12 gpm Self-priming to 4ft

-Inlet Port: 1-1/2" Hose Barb plus 1-1/2 NPT
-Discharge Port: 1" Hose Barb

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