Jabsco Sliding Vane Diesel Transfer Pump - 9 GPM - 24V

Jabsco Sliding Vane Diesel Transfer Pump - 9 GPM - 24V

Item# 23870-1300

Product Description

Sliding Vane Self-Priming Diesel Transfer Pump - 9 GPM & 24v

Designed for refueling small sizes diesel powered vehicles [typical tank sizes up to 200 litres (50 U.S. gallons)] from drums.

Suitable for mounting to the following equipment: Excavators, Cranes, Road rollers (compactors), Pavers, Agricultural machines, Generators, Helicopters.

Suitable for diesel fuel, Kerosene, Paraffin, Hydraulic oils, Oils up to 150 centi Stokes (750 Saybolt Universal) viscosity.

-Faster refueling - 35 litres/minute (9.5 U.S.GPM).
-High head capability - 6 meters (19 feet).
-Self priming up to 2.8 meters (9 feet).
-Vibration tested. IP55 protected motor

-Temperature Range : -30C to +40C (-22F to +104F)
-Pump Body : Aluminium
-Rotor : Vectra
-Vanes : PTFE Filled Ryton
-Shaft : Steel
-Seal : Nitrile
-Lip Seal Ports : Vertical BSP or 19mm hose adaptors ()
-Motor : 24V permanent magnet, corrosion resistant IP55 protected
-Duty : 25 mins @ +40C (104F)
-Current Draw: 7 Amps @ 3m head
-Maximum Current: 10 Amps

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