Lenco 101 Standard Actuator - 24V - 2-1/4" Stroke

Lenco 101 Standard Actuator - 24V - 2-1/4" Stroke

Item# 15061-001

Product Description

Lenco Marine 101 Standard Actuator

5/16" (.79 cm) mounting hardware
Stroke: 2-1/4" (5.72 cm)
Length overall: 12-1/8" (30.80 cm)
Length pin to pin: 11-1/2" (29.21 cm)
Diameter (upper housing): 2-1/2" (6.35 cm)
Mounting hardware: 5/16" ( .79 cm) or Delrin Pin (Part #121)

Part # (Superseded #)
15061-001(101-3), 24 Volt w/6' (1.83 cm) cable with Deutsch connector & mounting hardware(replacement length)

Top cap gland seal sheaths the actuator cable outer jacket as well as both internal conductors for maximum waterproofing
Corrosion proof Vandar mounts
Stainless steel ram won't flex, even under extreme loads
Double O-ring for maximum protection
Ballscrew rotates freely on 12 ball bearings at both ends of its stroke so there's no need for complicated limit switches and clutches
Self-locking ballscrew locks into position and will not drift
Precision molded, powdered metal, high alloy gears provide high accuracy, high wear resistance, and high strength for long life
Tough, high-torque motor easily transfers 750 lbs
High-impact, ultraviolet resistant nylon 66, 50% glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic housing
Corrosion proof Vandar cap and mount, stands up to severe loads

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