Lenco 18" x 12" High Performance Trim Tab Kit without Switch Kit 12V

Lenco 18" x 12" High Performance Trim Tab Kit without Switch Kit 12V

Item# 15049-101

Product Description

Providing the high performance boat owner every advantage

Radiused blades give maximum clearance for multiple outboard applications and reduces cavitation to the prop. The stylish design gives maximum performance and is built for extreme duty applications. Fast response electric actuators for precise control. Fully submersible. All Plug & Play Deutsch connections.
Blades are Electro-Polished 7 Gauge flat- 304 SS with 3/8" diameter hinge pin. Extreme Duty actuators with 3/8" SS bolts. Kit is factory assembled with full transom back plate, mechanical strain relief cable seal, adjustable C-channel mounting brackets, and 3.75" sacrificial anodes.

Electric ball-screw design actuator make the ride faster, smoother and more stable by providing instant response.
Extreme duty-actuator provides more strength and durability without any of the "drifting" associated with hydraulic trim tab systems
The flat, angle-cut blades help reduce drag and spray while the welded brackets and back-plate create one complete, heavy-duty unit.

Each Kit Contains
2 SS Trim Tab Planes
2 Actuators with 6' Lead and Deutsch Planes
Boat Mounting Hardware supplied by customer
Actuator Extension Harnesses (2 for Single Actuator
Application) will be required

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