Lee Pro Melter 4-20, 20 lb Elec Bottom Pour

Lee Pro Melter 4-20, 20 lb Elec Bottom Pour

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Product Description

An affordable large capacity melter that holds 20 pounds of lead in a 4" x 4" I.D. carbon steel pot. Features four inches of clearance beneath the spout, a new micro adjustable flow control valve, and an adjustable mold guide. It uses the patented Lee high-efficiency design with a dependable remote sensing thermostat. The flow valve can be adjusted to pour sinkers of up to two and three ounces quickly and without wrinkles. Note: The position of the pour spout underneath this furnace does not make it well suited for bottom pouring spinner jig molds or other molds that require wires to protrude above. 700 watts, 110 or 220 Volt AC, adjustable heat control, and guaranteed by the manufacturer, LEE PRECISION Inc., for two (2) years. 220 V comes without plug.

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