Lindy Fish Handling Gloves

Lindy Fish Handling Gloves

Item# AC940

Product Description


Use the Lindy Fish Handling Glove when unhooking, filleting, and removing fish from livewells. It's chemical-resistant—repelling gas and oil—and works great in both freshwater and saltwater. Fish slime and odors easily rinse away.
Lindy Fish Handling Glove allows more efficient handling of fish for quicker release, making it a conservation aid as well as a safety tool.

- Protection provided by SuperFabric® brand material
- 800% more puncture protection!*
- Superior protection from fillet knife cuts
- Superior protection from hook punctures
- Superior protection from fish teeth and gill plates
- Superior protection from wire leaders
- Machine washable
*when tested against other gloves

Orange- Large size, Yellow - Medium size.

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