Lumitec Caprera2 Dual Color LED Flood LightZoom

Lumitec Caprera2 Dual Color LED Flood Light

Item# LUM101102
Caprera2 Flood Light

A follow on to our wildly successful Capri/Caprera line, the Capri2/Caprera2 lights represent a new standard in cockpit lighting.

Features include:
TWICE the usable light output of their predecessors, and up to four times greater output than other lights in their class.

DUAL COLOR, and DIMMING! Choose from either Blue White or Red White output. Color and dimming can be controlled using our proprietary Timed Toggle Protocol, standard 2-wire connection, and any standard on/off switch.
Innovative new DECK SWEEP technology floods light where you need it most, illuminating to port and starboard and eliminating dark spots.
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