Lumishore SMX21 Surface Mount, 1300 lumenZoom

Lumishore SMX21 Surface Mount, 1300 lumen

Item# LUM-60-0133
Lumishore SMX21 Surface Mount Underwater Light, 1,300 Lumen
Ease of Installation Combined with a Stylish, Affordable Package

Lumishore is dedicated to providing the marine market with innovative, bright, high quality LED underwater lights. Using advanced LED technology, the Lumishore product range provides the finest LED underwater lighting solutions for all applications. The inherent long life and low ownership cost provides significant efficiency, practicality, and economy over its rivals. All Lumishore products are designed with the latest LED technology; HICOB (High Intensity Chip On Board) LEDs. HICOB LEDs provide longer life, higher efficiency, and more vibrant colors compared to all other underwater light technologies.

Lumishore's SMX21 takes all the incredible features of the previous model SMX20 and boosts the light output!

This means increased light throw providing an even deeper light penetration into the water. Plus, the e-lite models have a 90 beam providing an even glow of light around the hull.


Brightest, most efficient, compact LED surface mount lights available
90 light beam equals less holes in the hull (wider spacing between lights) and better glow
Corrosion Proof Polymer Design - Chemically resistant to marine growth, no bonding, no painting
Low profile & compact - Transom or side mount with internal driver and small cable hole
Easy Installation - Intergrated electronics (no external driver) and small hole size requirement

SMX21 Surface Mount Underwater Light, MFG# 60-0133, Blue light, 4 LEDs, low-profile surface mount design for easy installation. No external driver, 12-24VDC, 3.5" diameter, 0.5" Deep, .25" cable hole, includes 6.5' cable.
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