Momoi Diamond Braid

Momoi Diamond Braid

Item# 95699-66100

Product Description

New DIAMOND BRAID Fishing Lines
The most advanced fishing Braid in the world introduces two new unique colors, Tobacco Brown and Blaze Hunter Orange. These color additions complement the original offshore Blue and are designed for high visibility applications and inshore fisheries.

These lines employ state-of-the-art braiding techniques and are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. These unique new colors are combined with greater strength at diameter, 3% stretch and extreme bonded color-fastness that prevents color loss.

DIAMOND Braid Offshore Blue has quickly become the most popular custom braid available. These Braids feature improved roundness allowing tighter spool winding and reel capacities and significantly upgrades knotting performance. The combination of our new DIAMOND Needle Splice Kits and DIAMOND Braid produce strong and easy splice connections. 600yds of Blue, 100 Lb test line.

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