Mustad 7691DT Southern & Tuna Hooks 10pk Size 7/0

Mustad 7691DT Southern & Tuna Hooks 10pk Size 7/0

Item# 7691-DT-7-0-10

Product Description

The Mustad Southern & Tuna Hook is one of the most popular and long time trolling favorites of big game tuna fishermen. The strong forged hook features extreme power and strength. The razor- sharp knife-edge point secures solid hookups and fast penetration. It is the perfect option for rigging your lures either as single or tandem hook rigs with Kona heads or skirted lures when targeting big game species such as Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo and other fast swimmers. The hook features inward pointing hook point for perfect hookset and holding strength. Duratin finish for optimal corrosion resistance.

-Knife Edge Point
-Tapered brazed eye
-Duratin finish

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