Nomad The Buffalo - 230g - 8oz

Nomad The Buffalo - 230g - 8oz

Item# BUFF230

Product Description

The BUFFALO JIG is a weighted flash fall slow pitch jig. Using a long rod stroke with a flick at the end, the jig will kick out sideways and flash when sinking. Combined with the added attraction of glow paint on some colours, the flash fall attraction entices more predators to this light show. The strike zone is bigger and longer in a variety of situations because of the flutter on the fall. Whether your targeting reef dwelling demersal species or attracting Tuna away from bait schools the Buffalo’s flashing wounded baitfish appeal is irresistible.

230g Specs:
-Weight: 230g - 8oz
-Style: Vertical Slow Pitch Flash Fall
-Action: Fast Sink
-Hooks fitted: BKK 5X Assist 4/0
-Uses: Jigging – Slow Pitch & Conventional

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