Nomad DTX Minnow Floating - 140mm - 5-1/2"

Nomad DTX Minnow Floating - 140mm - 5-1/2"

Item# DTW140FHPM

Product Description

The DTX MINNOW has raised the bar in trolling minnow performance and features the Patented Autotune System. Developed over years of R&D the Autotune System gives the lure the ability to perfectly centre itself at the tow point delivering 3 key benefits, the ability to ensure the lure always swims straight, increasing diving depth and increased troll speed. This combination makes it unique in the world of offshore trolling minnows.

DTX120 & 140 floating models feature a different bib shape and wider body. These sizes are designed for more action at slower speeds, while still being able to handle high speeds.

140 FLT Specs:
-Length: 5-1/2"
-Weight: 1-3/4oz
-Depth: 26ft
-Action: Floating
-Hooks fitted: BKK Inline Single
-Uses: Trolling 2-10kn

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