Playaction Snap-On Fishing Belt - Small

Playaction Snap-On Fishing Belt - Small

Item# B100-S

Product Description

Spring the arms open and snap the belt in place around the hips.
Made of high-grade plastic with excellent memory.
Closed cell comfort pad makes a comfortable belt that will not slip.
Pin in the rotating ball can be used in either the vertical or horizontal position.
Fits gimbaled rod butts to 1.25" in diameter and non-gimbaled rods to 1.5" in diameter.
Excellent for use with a shoulder harness.
Gimbal rotates 90 vertically and horizontally.
Recommended line class is 50-80 lbs.

Recommended Hip Sizes:
- Small (30" to 36")
- Medium (36" to 43")
- Large (43" to 48")
- X-Large (48" to 56")

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