Ritchie V-57W.2 Explorer Compass - White

Ritchie V-57W.2 Explorer Compass - White

Item# V57W2

Product Description

Ritchie Explorer V-57W.2 Compass Features
2 3/4" Easy to Read Direct Reading Dial

Easily Installed, Fits 3" Instrument Hole
Bezels Styled to Match Popular Gauge Packages
Viewing is adjustable to 30 degrees
Choice of Traditional Black or Designer White Colors
Scientifically Matched Sapphire Jewel & Hardened Steel Pivot Dial Movement
Exclusive Built-in NiteVu Lighting
Built-in Compensators to Easily Adjust for Deviation
Hi-Temperature Construction
100% Repairable

Exclusive 5-Year Warranty
Replacement Parts
Light Assembly: EX-0057-2
All compasses come standard with 12 volt lighting. 24 volt lighting option is available.
Some custom built OEM models may have different lighting. Contact Ritchie for replacement lighting.

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