Seaguar 130Lb 30 Meter Fluorocarbon Coil

Seaguar 130Lb 30 Meter Fluorocarbon Coil

Item# 130FC30

Product Description

Seaguar is the inventor and world leader in 100% fluorocarbon leader material, Seaguar Fluorocarbon is preferred by professional fishermen the world over for its ultra-low visibility, tensile and knot strength, and superior abrasion resistance. Seaguar Fluorocarbon is the top choice for all trolling, live lining, chumming and chunking situations. Because fish can't see it, you can use a higher test leader, providing an added margin of safety and success without jeopardizing the natural presentation of you bait or lure. If you fish for tuna and marlin or are just looking for that extra edge when you head offshore trust Seaguar Fluorocarbon to perform and watch your bites soar!

Fluorcarbon leader material, pratically invisible in the water.

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