Para-Tech 9' Sea Anchor

Para-Tech 9' Sea Anchor

Item# PARA9

Product Description

PARA-TECH Sea Anchors are made from high-strength nylon fabric, possessing a weight and strength more than four times that of surplus parachutes, which have been used as Sea Anchors for many years. The seams are reinforced with nylon webbing. Nylon lines with a minimum strength of 1,500 pounds are joined at the rode end to a shackle with strength from 17,000 to 52,000 pounds A correctly-sized PARA-TECH Sea Anchor will likely never experience the loads it is capable of taking.

PARA-TECH Sea Anchors are designed to be failure-tolerant. If the full system is over-stressed, the Sea Anchor is designed to blow a panel before anything else fails. The Sea Anchor will still hold the boat, but with increased drift. It will function properly even with some broken or damaged lines.

-Deployable Stowage Bag
-Heavy Duty Shackle
-Float Line
-Instruction Manual

Not Included:
-Anchor Rode
-Swivel Shackle
-Boat (We’re really cheap about this.)

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