ShurFlo Blater™ II Washdown Pump - 12 VDC, 3.5 GPM

ShurFlo Blater™ II Washdown Pump - 12 VDC, 3.5 GPM

Item# 4238-121-E07

Product Description

ShurFlo BLASTER™ II Washdown Pump - 12 VDC - 3.5 GPM

SHURFLO's new 4238 series wash down pump design was created with a unique over-molded single-piece diaphragm, assuring long life and top performance in all deck wash down plumbing systems. Designed as the next legendary pump to exceed the expectations of our customers, the BLASTER II Series pumps are designed for the toughest marine wash down applications. SHURFLO's quality reputation has been built on the reliability and dependability of every pump we build. The BLASTER II Series wash down automatic demand pumps are thermally protected and can run dry without damage. Fittings and nozzle included. Ignition protected.

3901-2204 Replacement
Sealed Switch
Sealed Motor
Corrosion Resistant Electro Coated Motor
4 Independent Chambers
Built-In Check Valve
Co-Molded Diaphragm
Self-Priming up to 6 Feet
Dry Run Capability
Thermally Protected
Ignition Protected, CE

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