Swobbit Quik Dry Mop

Swobbit Quik Dry Mop

Item# SW31215

Product Description

Swobbit Quik Dry Mop

Designed to quickly remove water from decks, fiberglass and painted finishes leaving them dry and streak-free. Material is not affected by mold, mildew, soaps or chemicals and is more durable than PVA. Protective end cap prevents damage to decks, paint and fiberglass. Stores in a reusable pouch so your mop is ready to use when you need it. Mops are recommended for drying, not cleaning or scrubbing.

Made from super absorbent reinforced, proprietary material
Die cut 1" wide strips.
67% more absorbent than felt or latex coated mops
Absorbs over 5 times its weight in liquids
*Sold as an Individual

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