Williamson Light Speed Jig Kit

Williamson Light Speed Jig Kit

Item# LSJK4

Product Description

Fishing shallow or slow current? Use the Light Speed Jig kit (LSJK4) featuring 2 Abyss Jigs (60 & 150g) and 2 Benthos Jigs (100 &200g). For depths of 50 to 150 meters or strong current conditions, use the Heavy Speed Jig kit (HSJK4).

•Kit Includes:
•1 - Abyss Jigs 60g
•1 - Abyss Jigs 150g
•1 - Benthos Jig 100g
•1 - Benthos Jig 200g
•All the speed jigs are pre-rigged with a premium VMC® single assist hook
•Easy-to-clean mesh storage bag

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