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Black Bart 1656 Angled Trolling Lure

Item# BH1003S5
"A sure thing offshore- a real no-brainer" say’s Capt. Bart Miller in reference to this lure, one of his all time favorites. This deep runner with a smooth torpedo action tracks best from the rigger position, trolled at moderate speeds in most weather. Often copied never duplicated, top Captains around the world have called this single lure their personal favorite. Who am I to argue, it caught my largest blue marlin “1656 lbs.” The 1656 Angle nose performs best with 10/0 hook set. Holds current Bahamas bluefin tuna record 1038 lbs, current S. Carolina blue marlin record 881 lbs and just too many others accomplishments to list here. Yes, it's as Bart says a "no-brainer"! News Flash 8/12/11: 1188 lb Grander caught in Azores.

Specifications: Hard Head
Skirted Weight: 8.5 oz / 241 grams
Head Length: 3.2" / 81mm
Head Diameter: 1.5" / 38mm
Skirted Length: 14.5” / 368mm
Leader: 400 - 600 lbs.
Replacement Skirt Size: S5
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