Black Bart Lures

<B>Black Bart Lures</b>
The evolution of the Hawaiian artificial lure to this very day still intrigues me. Iíll wager you didnít know that you just could not go down to your local tackle store like you can today and pick out a few favorites.

It was a whole lot more difficult than that, either you had to know how to craft your own lures or know some one who could. Trying to gain secrets from the lure masters of that period usually fell upon deaf ears. Lure buying was a straight up simple hand to hand kind of deal and well worth the sometimes lengthy effort needed to acquire them. That was a great era, one that I will never forget.

Today I am able to serve you with the finest artificial lures ever made. I also can supply you with another exactly like your favorite, even if you lost it to a monster! Most importantly every Black Bart Lure you own has stood the test of time, 42 years of making first string spreads for the most discerning big game fishermen worldwide. I want your fishing adventure to be all that you dream it to be. My promise to you is that each of my lures had to compete with the rest, to finally become the best.

Aloha & Great Fishing! Captain Bart Miller
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