Lee's Tackle MX Pro Series Outriggers

More than 60 years ago, the Lee Family pioneered the use of high-strength, cold-drawn, marine-grade aluminum to manufacture the world's strongest and most reliable outriggers. The Lee MX8000 Pro Series riggers continue this tradition with superior strength, durability, and ease of operation for the sports fishermen of the world.Pro Series Outriggers are individually engineered based on their overall length and strength requirements. They are constructed using our multiple section system. Our Outriggers are highly polished and protected by the toughest, long-lasting anodized finish money can buy.

MX8000 - Series Pole/Holder Combinations Double Spreaders available in 25ft, 28ft, 30ft, 33ftTriple Spreaders available in 31ft, 33ft, 35ft, 37ft, 39ftQuadruple Spreaders available in 37ft, 39ft,43ft, 46ft.
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